Spinal Touch

Ishta Spinal Touch is a non-invasive technique which restores the normal position of the body’s centre of gravity, using a unique muscle relaxation technique which enables the postural muscles to correct any misalignment.

Any stress, whether physical, emotional, mental, chemical or nutritional, can create an imbalance at the body’s centre of gravity. These distortions will affect the normal functioning and self-repairing mechanisms of the body.

Ishta Spinal Touch allows the body to  do the job it was designed to do. Pain is reduced, dysfunction and disease is healed and vitality is restored. Ishta stands for Integrated  Spinal Health with Therapeutic Approaches. Ishta is also a Sanskrit term that means “the divine spark within each of us”.



Aurelie Prevot

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Availability: Hertford


Spinal Touch Therapy 1st appointment (1h-1h15) £55
Spinal Touch Treatment (30-45min) £40


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