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Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?
Sound healing is the therapeutic use of sound and music for healing. It is a natural way to treat pain and illness and has no harmful side effects. When we are ill, stressed or unhappy, we feel low and out of tune with ourselves. Sound healing can help us to re-tune ourselves and feel better.

Treatment techniques vary but all involve the application of sound waves and harmonic vibrations – through the voice and other instruments – to balance our mind, body and spirit. Most people feel deeply relaxed after receiving a sound healing treatment.

Indigenous cultures around the world have used some form of sound healing since the beginning of time. In recent years, sound healing has begun to resurface in the modern world to find its way into clinics, complementary health centres, hospitals, hospices and the wider community as a whole – as a powerful means of promoting ‘sound health’ and wellbeing for all.

How does Sound Healing work?
When using sound for healing, the sounds flow directly to wherever they are needed and effectively bypass the conscious mind. This has the effect of bringing about deep states of relaxation which both stimulate the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms and boost the immune system. Relaxation is a fundamental key to healing – the kind of deep relaxation which enables the release of tension without distractions from the mind. This is essentially how sound healing helps to bring the body, mind and emotions back into harmony with the soul or spirit.

What happens in a Sound Healing treatment?
After a short consultation, you will be asked to lie down fully clothed on a treatment couch to receive a gentle ‘sound bath’ of healing vibrations in which the practitioner will use their voice to tone a range of sounds over and around you to balance different areas of the body. There will then be a period of silence to allow you to integrate the sound healing.

This same treatment format can be used with other therapeutic instruments and current treatment options at Natural Health are: Crystal Bowl Therapy / Himalayan Bowl Therapy / Sound Healing with the Voice / Sound Healing with Reiki / Tuning Fork Therapy

Following a sound healing session, clients report feeling extraordinarily peaceful and deeply relaxed yet at the same time energised and centred, with stress and anxiety levels greatly reduced.

Most people need more than one sound healing session to get their body into balance again. As a general guide, we recommend that you have three weekly treatments and then review your progress at the end of these three sessions. If you have a serious illness you may well need more sessions before you start to feel the benefit.

Benefits of Sound Healing
Sound healing works holistically on all levels of being and can therefore help to …
Reduce stress / lessen anxiety … Release physical / emotional pain … Centre your thoughts when you feel confused … Energise you when you feel drained … Focus your mind and help you solve problems … Increase your self-confidence & creativity … Awaken you to new insights & possibilities in your life … Facilitate life transitions … Align you with your Divine Self.

Is Sound Healing safe?
Sound healing is a natural form of healing and is completely safe if practiced by a qualified sound healer. Sound healing should be used to complement medical treatment and you should never discontinue any medical treatments or medicines without permission from your doctor.


Welwyn Garden City

Sue Pready MCSH, Dip.GVT (BAST), MNFSH, UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher

£45 (1 hour) Crystal Bowl Therapy / Himalayan Bowl Therapy
£40 (1 hour) Sound Healing with the Voice / with Reiki / Tuning Fork Therapy
£25 (30 mins) Shorter follow-up sessions available for: Sound Healing with Reiki / Tuning Fork Therapy

Availability: Welwyn Garden City

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