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Neuro-Development Therapy

Do you recognise any of the following symptoms in you or your child?

  • Reading/Writing/Spelling Difficulties
  • Co-ordination and Balance Difficulties
  • Delayed Speech and Language
  • Hyperactivity or Immature Behaviour
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Social Interaction Difficulties
  • Concentration Difficulties

If so, you or your child may have Neuro-Developmental Delay.

The term Neuro-Developmental Delay describes the omission or arrest of a stage in the early physical stages of development.

Each one of us is born with a set of Primitive Reflexes, (sometimes known as Survival Reflexes) which should be inhibited or controlled by a higher part of the brain during the first year of life.

If these are not inhibited at the correct time, they remain ‘active’ in the body, and can impede subsequent motor control, eye functioning, eye-hand co-ordination and perceptual skills.

Frustration, anger and low self esteem can often be further signs of a person being ‘stuck’.

Neuro-Development Therapy is used to assess where a person is in terms of their development and then, through the use of a physical motor programme, works on re-training the brain and body to work together in a more effective and efficient way to help correct the presenting difficulties.



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