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Metabolic Balance

with Alison Sheldrick at Nutritional Health Solutions

Have you been on many diets and ended back where you started or even heavier?

Do you struggle to lose weight, even when exercising hard? Do you love your food but hate exercising? Are you already experiencing health problems because you are overweight? Are you sceptical about weight loss programmes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Metabolic Balance® is worth considering.

Metabolic Balance® is a nutritional programme for weight management and well-being. It is based on more than 25 years of research and development by doctors and nutrition scientists in Germany.

We are all very different and what is great about Metabolic Balance® is that your programme is built using the results from a comprehensive blood test combined with your health profile and goals to provide your personal nutrition plan.

Your plan provides you with all the vital nutrients your body needs to balance your own personal metabolism.

The foods in your plan are selected for their very specific effects on your hormonal systems rather than on calories or percentage fat, protein and carbohydrate.

This supports the health of the metabolism and balances hormones which allows the natural fat burning processes to work more efficiently.

The result? With your metabolism working this way, fat starts to be broken down and the weight loss process begins.

Metabolic Balance® participants commonly report increased energy levels, mobility, clarity of thought and mental focus, improved digestion, skin and sleep, and reduction or loss of joint pain.

Generally, participants feel more confident, say their friends and family comment on how well they look, and that they feel in control of their health.

An additional benefit is that participants experience that ever so important increased vitality and enjoyment of life, which we are now starting to call the ‘MB high’!



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Start at £95 for an initial meeting including health assessment, dietary analysis, comprehensive notes and subsequent telephone support to help you integrate your Plan into your busy life. However, many conditions and weight loss, in particular, take time and more than one appointment. Please get in touch to find out more. Food intolerance testing starts at £95.


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