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Mediums Paul Brereton and Louisa Marie Sulivan offering private sittings at Natural Health Hertford.

Paul & Louisa are International Mediums both with over twenty years experience. They travel the world teaching, demonstrating, giving talks & lectures on spiritual development & mediumship.

They have featured on TV, Interviewed on Radio & recently featured in Psychic News. They also have their own spiritual school called ‘Starlight International’.

Private Sittings/Readings are conducted at Natural Health in Hertford and are are combination of Mediumship and Psychic connections depending upon what you are needing at the time.

Time is not put on the sittings as they believe that when Spirit have finished it is completed: and what has needed to be said has been said. However each sitting is booked for a forty five minute duration so please allow at least that time for your sitting.

If you have questions or if they have not covered what it is you needed, you will have time at the end of the sitting to ask questions.

You may have a sitting with either Paul or Louisa or with both; the fee and time is always the same.

Private Sittings Available at Natural Health Hertford

Mediums Paul Brereton and Louisa Marie Sulivan

Tel: 01992 535876

Availability: Hertford


To book please contact Paul Brereton and Louisa Marie Sulivan on 01992 535876


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