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Law of Attraction Mentoring and Coaching

Sometimes, I like to talk things through with someone who understands how the Law of Attraction works; with someone who is on the same page as it were.

I then, thought that perhaps you might like to have someone to talk to, too and so I devised a 4 session Mentoring and Coaching programme.

The programme is designed to help you gain:

• Clarity and focus on the next step you can take to bring your dream closer.
• Confidence to identify yourself as a person who is comfortable living that dream.
• Courage to make the necessary changes

 As I would like to have an insight into your understanding of how the Law of Attraction works, we’d begin by chatting about that first.

In each one hour session, we’ll begin to uncover the beliefs that restrict and limit your life, work to loosen their hold to the point where you come to believe that not only is it possible to create what you want, but it becomes a probability.

We’ll discuss you want to create or change in your life and also talk about what is going on in your life at the present.

In the process of the telling and talking, you will probably tell me why you are not creating what you want.

Then it’s a matter of recognising the stumbling blocks, acknowledging what you have created and then we go about discussing ways for you to change.

As you know, Emotions are at the core of all creation, so I use Bach Flower Remedies to help harmonise and balance your ‘negative’ beliefs and thought patterns.

We will also formulate a plan for you to take the first steps in getting you from where you are to where you want to be, looking at what steps you are going to take first.

I will give you suggestions regarding visualisations to help with your creations.

The Programme includes 4 sessions over a two month period – Each session 2 weeks apart

As it takes time to establish and stabilise changes, we’ll go through this same process every session, but each session will be different, because of the changes that have taken place in you and in your life.

If you do not live near enough to have personal interviews, I do sessions via Skype, with a video link.

“I have never experienced anything quite like this, since meeting you Rose and attending your meetings, I have been lucky enough to not only have a couple of job offers but I also have had some luck in my love life too with new opportunities presenting themselves to me – thank you for all your wisdom and great teaching.” Emma – Hertfordshire – March 2012


Welwyn Garden City:

Rose Todd PCHom

Tel: 0774 802 1887
Availability: Welwyn Garden City or via Skype, with a video link

£55 per one hour single session

CURRENT OFFER – Law of Attraction Mentoring and Coaching: My usual price is £55 per single session – however for this programme, as a special offer, the total cost of the Programme is only £140 – £35 per session – but I expect you to make a commitment to yourself and to your future and take all 4 sessions.


To book please contact Rose Todd om 0774 802 1887 or email:


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