Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. The human iris provides a window into our bodies, containing clues to our past, present and future health.
The iris reveals changing conditions of every part and organ of the body.

Every organ and part of the body is represented in the iris in a well defined area. Through various marks, signs, and discoloration in the iris, nature reveals inherited weaknesses and strengths.

As your iridologist I can tell your inherited and acquired tendencies towards health and disease, your current condition in general and the state of every organ in particular. Iridology cannot detect a specific disease, but can tell if you have over- or under- activity in specific areas of the body.



Aurelie Prevot

Tel: 07562 784988
Availability: Hertford


Naturopathy + Iridology  1st appointment 11/2 hours £70
Subsequent appointments £45
Complete iridology analysis (30min-1h) £40


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