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Homeopathy has been in existence for two hundred years, so during its history homeopaths have come across a huge variety of health issues.

Homeopathy is a well established form of therapy that uses gentle, natural medicines.These medicines, or remedies are made through a unique process of dilution which makes them totally safe to use in all situations and thus suitable for all age groups including babies, pregnant women and the elderly.

Homeopathy is holistic. In our interview we not only record the patient’s physical symptoms, but give equal importance to their emotions. Through understanding the interplay between the physical and the emotional, we can arrive at a more precise, a more individual prescription.

Homeopathy can be used in acute situations like taking Arnica for an injury, but most patients see a homeopath for chronic conditions. In the interview we talk about all aspects of the patient’s complaint , their sleep, appetite, lifestyle, fears and worries. After the interview the patient is given their homeopathic remedies and usually come for a follow-up a month later.

Homeopathy is great for children and often children react faster to their remedies than adults. The interview is relaxed. There is no physical examination so the child is not afraid to see a homeopath. As an added benefit during the sequence of treatments the parent often learns to use some homeopathic remedies at home in acute situations.



Aila Baron RSHom, BA is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths

Tel: 0208 888 6536
Email: baronshouse2000@yahoo.com
Web: www.shiatsuhomeopathynorthlondon.co.uk

£50 Initial 1.5 hour consultation
£50 Follow up 1 hour session

Welwyn Garden City:

Rose Todd PCHom
Email: rose@rosetodd.com

£55 per hour – Initial 1 hour consultation
Follow ups approximately 30 minutes
Includes homoeopathic remedy.

1st Tuesday morning of the month
3rd Wednesday afternoon of the month


To book please contact Hertford on 01992 55 01 01 or Welwyn Garden City on 01707 39 20 20


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