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Food Intolerance Testing

Do you suffer from any of the following:

Indigestion – bloating – gas – trapped wind – acid reflux – headache – stomach ache – diarrhoea – constipation – IBS – inability to lose weight – eczema – asthma – psoriasis – dark circles – joint pain – autoimmune conditions?

Could the food you are eating be making you unwell?

A Food Intolerance Test can help you identify and eliminate foods that are causing unwanted symptoms, provide relief from pain and discomfort, help you lose weight and reduce the need for medication. The test is completed via electro-dermal screening, is painless, non-invasive, so no skin pricks or blood tests, takes approximately one hour and results are immediate.

You are tested for over 200 items, mostly common UK foods and drink, including the main ‘culprits’ such as wheat, dairy, gluten and eggs, together with a range of E numbers (artificial ingredients) that are most commonly found in today’s packaged and processed foods.

The test also includes a comprehensive vitamin, mineral and digestive enzyme range which detects if the body has sub-optimum levels. Digestive issues can often lead to poor absorption of nutrition from food, potentially triggering further food intolerance and other immune related issues.

Advice on food elimination and potential substitutes are given either at the time of the test and / or via email depending on the test outcome. Substitutes are suggested to avoid nutritional gaps and to maintain as normal eating habits as possible.

You will be given the tools needed to embark on your own journey towards better health, experience a reduction or complete elimination of symptoms and less need to rely on medication and medical intervention.

Please note: this is not allergy testing. For allergy testing please contact your GP.

Customer Testimonial

“Recently I invested in the intolerance testing. I am so glad I did. I have suffered for my whole life with allergies and intolerances and have never been happy to just treat the conditions with medications. Following the test (and significant changes to my diet) at 45 years old I have never felt better. I have reduced my medications substantially, need less sleep, have more energy and am much more healthy. This has only happened following the testing.” – Rebecca, St Albans.


Amber Hill

Amber is a Food Intolerance Tester, qualified since 2015 under Fiona Gibson (Diet X) at the College of Naturopathic Nutrition and has been working in the holistic health industry since 2013.

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£65  For a Food Intolerance Test
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