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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing
The use of crystals for healing is nothing new – the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks were among those utilising the powerful energy of crystals for protection and healing many years ago. Crystals are able to absorb, store and release healing energy vibrations which will dissolve blockages when crystals are placed on or around the body.

Crystal Healing is a holistic therapy that deals with more than just imbalances in the physical body. It also enables realignment to occur for emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

What it will do
• On a physical level: induces relaxation and ability to sleep restfully; reduce aches and pains.
• On a mental level: release mental clutter so you can experience clarity; encourage you to develop positive ways of thinking.
• On an emotional level: allows emotions to heal and clear (including anxiety); lets you re-connect to your creativity and encourages you to express it.
• On a spiritual level: promotes you working with your intuition.

It creates harmony between all parts of you as you are treated as a whole being

Although the crystal energy is powerful, the therapy itself is gentle and non-invasive. Sessions are undertaken fully clothed with the only requirement to be able to lie down for the duration of the therapy. You may leave feeling renewed, rebalanced and grounded (although outcomes vary depending on needs of the client at time of treatment).


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