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Crystal Healing Massage

Are you feeling ‘out of sorts’, ungrounded and like you are not achieving your goals?

Do you feel stuck in a rut, creatively blocked or feel that you are not able to say what you would like to others? Do you find yourself shut down to love, whether self-love or love of others?  Are you low in confidence and self-esteem?  

All these are signs of blockages in your chakras which although not harmful, can mean that you feel out of balance and perhaps are not experiencing your life as you would like it to be.

Sarah our Crystal Healing Massage practitioner has amalgamated Aromatherapy massage with Reiki a form of healing with Crystal energy to balance your chakras and release negativity.  This relaxing and rejuvenating treatment uses Crystal energy and the Angelic Realm to help restore and rebalance energy within the body and release tension.  

Crystal Healing Massage is an extremely relaxing treatment using Swedish massage techniques and incorporating that with bespoke Aromatherapy.  Sarah will choose the relevant oils that are needed for each particular client, for example Geranium and Rose for hormone balance and nurturing, Frankincense for inflammation and negativity or May Chang or Bergamot for upliftment.  She then will go on to choose the relevant crystals for each particular session. 

Sarah will always choose the crystals for each client, each crystal working with particular chakras to aid in the re-balancing process, this is chosen intuitively and through the dowsing of the individual client’s chakras.   Once the chakras have been initially assessed, the  massage treatment will commence with the chosen aromatherapy oils. 

This massage is intensified by the use of Reiki healing at the same time, working with the energies of the chosen crystals and through the channelling of healing light from source.  Sarah works intuitively and often sees colours and may see crystals that may be useful to the client which can then be added to the crystal prescription.

Sarah also offers Reiki only treatments with Chakra assessment and balancing and additionally customers can ask for a 10 minute Angel, Flower or Goddess card reading to round off the treatment which can offer further insight and guidance.

Customer Testimonial

“I have been lucky enough to have a number of treatments with Sarah.  Sarah has a natural healing talent she excels in.  It’s never a ‘one off’ experience, you always grow as part of her sessions, learning something new or confirming something you already instinctively know.  I not only keep going back, but have since invested in a number of gift cards for my girlfriends who are in need of some ‘me’ time or personal healing.  Her crystal knowledge and card readings are genuine and offered via her authentic self.”  Sam, Herts




Sarah Perrett 
City & Guilds Level 3 Massage (Distinction), Dip Cog Hyp, NLP, CertEd Counselling, Member of the Guild of Professional Beauty & Holistic Therapists

Tel: 07519 178766 or call the Hertford shop on 01992 550101
Availability: Fridays and Saturdays in Natural Health Store, Hertford

Please contact Sarah for the latest offers and prices.

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To book please contact Sarah Perrett on 07519 178766 or call the Hertford shop on 01992 550101


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