Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Most of us want to make changes of some kind in our lives but we lack the knowledge and motivation to achieve this. Most of us need help to focus on the future rather than the past.

Diana Martin of CalmBlueOcean ( combines cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management and clinical hypnotherapy to deal effectively with a range of emotional and physical concerns including stress, anxiety, phobias, tiredness, depression, miscarriage, panic attacks, weight control, sleep disorders, low self-esteem, loss of confidence, and high blood pressure.

This therapeutic approach is an effective way to resolve problems and create a breakthrough in limiting behaviours that hold you back. It is possible to successfully change negative patterns of behaviour and increase positive coping strategies to feel happier, more confident and respond effectively to challenges in your life.

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Hertford and Welwyn Garden City

Diana Martin BA (Hons), DCH, D.Hyp (Distinction), MBSCH, Dip S. Mgt, Dip CBH, CHFT
Diana Martin of CalmBlueOcean is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and the International Stress Management Association and has been practising for over seventeen years. She is a Certified HypnoBirthing Fertility Therapist and was for many years also a director and consultant at St. Albans & Hertsmere Women’s Refuge

Tel: 01707 660613
Availability: Mondays at Welwyn Garden City and Tuesdays at Hertford

£90 per session (90 minutes) / £75 per 60 minute session


Welwyn Garden City

Jenny Amir HPD, Dip CHyp, NLP MPrac, CHBPP, CNHC, MNCH

As an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Jenny provides a professional, caring and confidential service to help you overcome any unwanted habits, thoughts or emotions that may be holding you back.

Jenny’s sessions provide a natural and effective way to help you create positive personal changes in the way you want them. The sessions are solution-focused and all aimed at helping you achieve your positive changes within a time-frame that suits you best.

Results can often be achieved more quickly than you might expect, and many issues can be resolved completely within an average of just 2-3 sessions, sometimes even less! As well as helping with a wide range of issues including anxiety, stress, confidence building, self-esteem issues, weight management, binge drinking, smoking cessation and panic attacks, Jenny also specialises in Confidence & Anxiety issues, Weight Loss & Alcohol Dependency.

Jenny uses a highly effective combination of therapies and psychological approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Positive Psychology and gentle hypnosis, to bring about successful positive personal change.

As Jenny often sees in her clients, achieving positive change in one area of life very often produces a beneficial knock-on effect in other areas of life, including overall well-being, health and happiness.

If you would like to be happier, more calm, confident and in control, Jenny is here to help.

Tel:  07979 371701


Individual Sessions:

Initial 2-hour session: £145
Follow-up sessions: 90-mins is £125 / 1-hr is £90
3-hr Confidence Breakthrough Session:  £230



To book please contact Hertford on 01992 55 01 01 or Welwyn Garden City on 01707 39 20 20


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