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Wiley’s Finest Fish Oils with Vitamin K2

A short video New Wiley’s Finest Beginners DHA with Vitamin K2 Buy Wiley’s Finest Beginners DHA here with 25% OFF for a limited time Wiley’s Finest UK has launched Beginner’s DHA, an omega-3 supplement specifically formulated for children. Designed to provide the necessary nutritional support for body development, including healthy eyes and immune function, the blend […]

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New Flexicoll Platinum

A short video New Flexicoll Platinum Buy Flexicoll Platinum here with £5 OFF for a limited time Flexicoll Platinum is a new and improved version of the original Flexicoll high strength collagen drink. With all the benefits of Flexicoll, plus an extra 1000mg of Fortigel Collagen and added Native Chicory Inulin to improve digestive health […]

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Viridian Travel Biotic

A short video Viridian Travel Biotic Buy Travel Biotic here with 20% OFF for a limited time One of the best ways to avoid stomach problems on vacation is to invest in a quality probiotic. Probiotics are the live, active cultures that help regulate your digestive system and keep your immune system strong. A good […]

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The Health Benefits of Saffron

A short video on Saffron Buy Saffron here This short video goes into the reasons why saffron works so well as a powerful natural antidepressant as well as some surprising results from clinical trials alongside prescription drugs for depression and endorsed by a clinical psychologist. Benefits also include: Improving brain function, eye health, reducing anxiety […]

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How to Make the Perfect Matcha Tea With Kissa Tea

A short video on Matcha Teas   *** All teas and tea making equipment are available here with 20% off for a limited time *** Matcha is the latest fashion in tea. However, the finest ground green tea enjoys a long tradition. In Japan, matcha has always been the tea of choice for emperors, monks […]

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Your Skin Will Absolutely LOVE These..

Watch this short video with Janey Lee Grace on Syno Vital and how it helps to promote firmer, younger looking skin, joint health, faster wound healing and healthier eyes. Buy Syno-Vital and get the Hydra-Vital Serum (worth £20.99) for FREE! Click here for more Info

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Venaforce Horse Chestnut for Varicose Veins

Avogel Venaforce and Venagel is available here with special discount! Why it works in a nutshell – bit tekky but worth a read 🙂 Good quality horse chestnut extract is a direct tonic substance for veins and valves. It is a source of nourishment that enhances their structure and has been shown to close small gaps […]

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How to Stay Young Products!

We have had a lot of enquiries regarding in products in the BBC ‘How to Stay Young’ programmes, so here is a quick recap with links to the site. Inulin Short video to explain all about Inulin and visceral body fat from ‘How to Stay Young’ You can order Inulin here   Anthocyanins Anthocyanins the […]

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Inulin for Fat Loss

Short video to explain all about Inulin and visceral body fat   You can order Inulin here

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Two short videos to explain all about Toxaprevent See the full Toxaprevent range here on our website   See the full Toxaprevent range here on our website

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