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The Benefits of Allicin

A Quick Video on Allicin with Peter Josling Watch this video to discover the health effects of allicin. Get 25% Off Allicin Max here for a limited time   What is AllicinMax Get 25% Off Allicin Max here for a limited time   Allicin and MRSA from This Morning Get 25% Off Allicin Max here […]

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Dale Pinnock’s Clear Skin Talk in Hertford

TV Chef and author Dale Pinnock shares his personal Clear Skin Journey ? TVs Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock is giving a talk and cooking demo on how you achieve – clear, glowing radiant skin. Tickets available online here So if you suffer from: Eczema Rosacea Acne Psoriasis Lichen Planus Keratosis Pilaris Tired or Grey looking […]

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Hay Fever Sufferers Try This…

Drug Free Hayfever Help is Here! Watch the short video for more information By using acupressure, the Hay-Band aims to embrace over four thousand years of traditional Chinese methods. The Hay-Band can be used by both adults and children (over 3 years). The Hay-Band does not cause drowsiness or have any other side-effects. The Hay-Band […]

Our Big 20th Anniversary Health Event 2018

Short video on our Big 20th Anniversary Health Event BUY YOUR EVENT TICKETS HERE We would love you to join Natural Health for our 20th Anniversary Birthday Celebration Health Festival to be held at Hertford Theatre to celebrate 20 wonderful years in business in Hertford. This is a landmark year for our store. Myself and […]

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My Review of Monday Muscle Nutritional Programme

Having two busy health stores and complementary health centres makes me aware of keeping in good health by being active and eating well. Over the past few years I have followed everything from Slimmer’s world (I couldn’t face the humiliation of the weekly weigh in), the 5:2 diet which worked very well for me for […]

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How Rollagranola is made

Short video on my trip to the Rollagranola factory in Hitchin   After tasting some delicious local natural granola wanted to find out more about it…So with my trusty camera man I went out and about intrepidly exploring the wilds of Hertfordshire and I ended up in Hitchin. There I went to a fantastic small […]

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Inulin to Help You Sleep Better

Short video to explain all about Inulin and Insomnia   As recommended on BBC’s ‘The Truth About Sleep’ May 2017 where Insomniac Dr Michael Mosley investigated the best natural ways to get a good nights sleep. It turned out that one of the best ways that he personally tried was taking a special prebiotic fiber […]

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Do Fish Oil Supplements Work? The Result!

An 8 week trial included 60 participants aged 35 years and over who were split into 3 groups to see if Fish Oil Supplements had the same effect as eating oily fish – the results proved that the supplements did have same effect as eating oily fish! These were the fish oils used in this […]

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Bach Flower Afternoon Workshop on Anxiety and Depression

How we feel about ourselves influences every aspect of our lives and how we interact with the world. Circumstances and events can make us extremely angry, causes us great sorrow, push us into ‘blame’ (of others and ourselves). These can send us spiralling into the depths of despair and having the strength to climb up […]

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Viridian 7 Day Sugar Detox

A short video about Viridian’s 7 Day Sugar Detox Kit Watch this video to discover the health effects of sugar and how Viridian Nutrition can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle in 7 days with the 7 Day Sugar Detox Kit. Buy Viridian’s 7 Day Sugar Detox Kit online here

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