Sea Buckthorn Omega-7 Natural Health Secret

Sea Buckthorn from Pharma Nord

How well do you Know your Omegas? 

Everyone’s heard of Omega-3 from fish oil. Then there’s Omega-6 from vegetable fats. But what about Seabuckthorn Omega-7?

Where to find Omega-7

Omega-7 is present in mother’s breast milk and the sea-buckthorn berry. The Sea-Buckthorns are shrubs (found near the sea, of course) and present in Europe and Asia.

What Does Omega-7 do?

Omega-7 fatty acids are responsible for maintaining healthy mucous membranes and therefore keeping our bodies moist.

Combats Dryness in:-

  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Skin
  • Digestive Tract
  • Urogenital Tract

For instance, one in ten adults will endure stinging, red, gritty eyes in their lifetime.  The problem is made worse by air conditioning, artificial lights, contact lenses, medicines and air-born pollutants.  Common remedies involve synthetic medication such as eye drops.

Protect Your Membranes!

Any area of the body exposed to the atmosphere needs the protection given by these membranes, including the eyes, mouth, skin digestive and urogenital tracts. Mucosa forms a vital barrier against pathogens and infections.  Sadly, as is often the way, our body becomes less effective at maintaining mucous membranes, as we get older.

The Linda Lusardi Twinkle

Linda suffered from dry eyes for over ten years, which affected her confidence when modelling and on TV.  She had relied on messy eye drops every day until she found sea buckthorn capsules

Body Benefit

“A nutritionist friend introduced me to sea buckthorn oil and it’s been life changing.  I took two capsules twice a day and felt an improvement very quickly.  I’ve been able to give up the drops and I love the fact that it benefits so many other areas of the body.”

Linda Lusardi

Model & Actress

Read more about Linda Lusardi’s battle with dry eyes on the Daily Express website. 

Sea Buckthorn – The People’s Choice

Doesn’t make you laugh when you see one of those adverts on TV say eight out of 10 women said…, and then you read the small print, sample size sixty! Well, Pharma Nord (the suppliers of these wonderful products) carried out a survey of 2,269 people and 98% of them recommended this natural oil for combating dryness. I think that says a lot.

Do read more on the store, send us an email or pop into one of the stores if you need any help in discussing your needs.

Sea Buckthorn Omega-7 in the store 

Do, please, ask for advice on sea buckthorn by email, phone or call into one of the shops.

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