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Hay Fever Sufferers Try This…

Drug Free Hayfever Help is Here!

Watch the short video for more information

By using acupressure, the Hay-Band aims to embrace over four thousand years of traditional Chinese methods.
The Hay-Band can be used by both adults and children (over 3 years).
The Hay-Band does not cause drowsiness or have any other side-effects.
The Hay-Band is completely drug free.

Get your Hay-Band here and get a Free pot of Haymax nasal barrier balm worth £6.95  – Free for a Limited time!

Click here for more info or to buy

Our Big 20th Anniversary Health Event 2018

Short video on our Big 20th Anniversary Health Event


We would love you to join Natural Health for our 20th Anniversary Birthday Celebration Health Festival to be held at Hertford Theatre to celebrate 20 wonderful years in business in Hertford. This is a landmark year for our store.

Myself and the staff of Natural Health would love you to join us to celebrate what will be a very special day of activities, learning and fun!

This Special Event day includes: The Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock (ITV), Free Talks, Workshops and Treatments, Fitness and Nutritional advice, Meditation and Yoga, Cooking demos, Book signings, Therapist treatments, Pop up health cafe plus a cake cutting ceremony with the Mayor of Hertford Councillor Susan Dunkley + over 53 stands of suppliers and therapies to chat to!


Entry ticket are £6 (includes a £1 Booking fee)  Children under 16 FREE with an accompanying adult.

25 February, 2018,  Start: 9.30am  – 4.30pm Hertford Theatre, The Wash, Hertford SG14 1PS

Have a look here at all the Free Talks, Workshops and Demos that will be happening on the day!


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My Review of Monday Muscle Nutritional Programme

Having two busy health stores and complementary health centres makes me aware of keeping in good health by being active and eating well.

Julie-Goodwin-BlogOver the past few years I have followed everything from Slimmer’s world (I couldn’t face the humiliation of the weekly weigh in), the 5:2 diet which worked very well for me for a year or so but I was finding that if I increased my exercise regime it was very difficult to reduce my calorie intake on that day, the 16:2 diet, low carb, low fat…you name it – I tried it!


I am also very keen on exercise.

For many years I ran regularly and clocked up a multitude of 5K, 10K races, half marathons and managed to complete 11 marathons, none of which were particularly fast but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Over the past few years, I have hung up my running vest and concentrated more on classes such as kettlercise and circuit training.

However at the beginning of this year I noticed the weight has started to increase and I didn’t felt as vibrant as I could have. I know that my age is also creeping up but I’m not ready to give up and swap my trainers for slippers and spend my time vegging out on the sofa.

I don’t want to be one of those middle-aged ladies who can’t lift much more than a cup of tea nor be able to enjoy a good level of fitness. So, I joined Crossfit Huntsman in Hertford Heath, which has been an absolute revelation for me and has become my new addiction!

Although I am probably the oldest who goes, I have noticed that my strength is increasing and I now can lift weights and do things that I never thought possible for me.

However, my clothes remained stubbornly as tight as ever….

Lots of people at Crossfit rave about Lee of Monday Muscle and I took the plunge and called him. He took time to talk to me about what I wanted to achieve whether it be more muscle strength, weight loss, body fat reduction.

So with a certain amount of trepidation, I have signed up for his 12 week programme with the aim to lose 14 pounds and to reduce my body fat.

Here is my update after 4 weeks of the programme.

For the first week, I recorded everything I ate and drank on the app, My Fitness Pal, this was a real eye opener for me as I didn’t realise how much I snacked on all the goodies I have in the shop, healthy snacks are not always low calorie!

At the end of the week, I had dropped 2lbs.

He then analysed what I was eating and drinking and suggested a slight change in my diet. I thought it would be drastically reducing my calorie intake however, I was pleasantly surprised that the calories I was consuming would remain the same but with the slight adjustment which consisted mainly of eating slightly more protein.

I then commenced a 2 week launch programme to see how I got on.

During these 2 weeks, I dropped another 3 lbs in weight.

For the first couple of days, I struggled to get all my macros to the right level but by mid-week I relaxed into it and started to enjoy it.

One of the things I was concerned about was that I would suffer a reduction in energy levels, as before embarking on the programme I often had a mid-afternoon slump in energy and sometimes during the night I would wake with a start feeling a bit dizzy. I thought it may be due to a lack of carbohydrates.

However, since increasing my protein levels, my energy has never been better nor more stable. I also eat more than I have before – and I love eating!!

I now have a protein shake when I wake up at 5am ready for my 6am Crossfit workout, a protein rich breakfast, my favourite are overnight oats, then I often don’t feel the need to eat again until 1-2pm.

Lunch is a protein rich meal and in the evening, I have made small adjustments to my normal dinner by eating more protein and slightly less carbohydrate. My partner keeps commenting on the fact that I now eat more than him and he is 6 foot 1” – Ha!

I can honestly say I don’t feel deprived, no food or food groups are ‘forbidden’ I just record it on MFP and work around my total protein, carbohydrate, fat and calorie goals.

I have now completed 4 weeks of the programme and have lost a total of 9.4lb.

My waist has reduced by 8 cm, hip measurement has reduced by 6cm and I’ve recorded 2 personal bests in my deadlift and shoulder press in the last week alone – yeh!

This is despite having last weekend away in Paris and enjoying all the delicious food and drink. I continue to have my favourite Nature’s Plus Source of Life Garden Women’s Multivitamin to ensure I cover all my nutritional needs.

My protein of choice is Pulsin Whey concentrate as it’s unflavoured and you can incorporate into both sweet and savoury dishes. I’ve discovered how deliciously nutritionally dense our nut butters are and am enjoying the whole range we have in store, plus I’m using our full range of nut milks and exploring all the different ways we can utilise them.

I’m looking forward to continuing with the programme, Lee is always at the end of the phone to give helpful advice and loads of encouragement.

Highly recommended.


Crossfit Huntsman

Monday Muscle

Source of Life Garden Women’s Multivitamin

Pulsin Whey Concentrate


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How Rollagranola is made

Short video on my trip to the Rollagranola factory in Hitchin


After tasting some delicious local natural granola wanted to find out more about it…So with my trusty camera man I went out and about intrepidly exploring the wilds of Hertfordshire and I ended up in Hitchin.

There I went to a fantastic small granola factory called Rollagranola which really does make small batches of delicious and healthy granola.

They invited me in to watch them making it  – so I made a short video blog for you here all about it for you!

Also we have up to 20% Off on the Rollagranola range until the 16th August 2017 in both stores + pop in for a free tasting too!

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