Inulin to Help You Sleep Better

Short video to explain all about Inulin and Insomnia


As recommended on BBC’s ‘The Truth About Sleep’ May 2017 where Insomniac Dr Michael Mosley investigated the best natural ways to get a good nights sleep.

It turned out that one of the best ways that he personally tried was taking a special prebiotic fiber supplement such as inulin about 20 minutes before sleep – His sleep improved so much that he ranked this method a 9 out of 10!

The prebiotic fiber supplement inulin is available to buy here:

Order Inulin here

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Do Fish Oil Supplements Work? The Result!

An 8 week trial included 60 participants aged 35 years and over who were split into 3 groups to see if Fish Oil Supplements had the same effect as eating oily fish – the results proved that the supplements did have same effect as eating oily fish!

These were the fish oils used in this trial:

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The Benefits of Allicin

A Quick Video on Allicin with Peter Josling

Watch this video to discover the health effects of allicin.

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Allicin and MRSA from This Morning

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A Great Interview with Peter Josling Part One

A Great Interview with Peter Josling Part Two

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Bach Flower Afternoon Workshop on Anxiety and Depression

DrBachHow we feel about ourselves influences every aspect of our lives and how we interact with the world. Circumstances and events can make us extremely angry, causes us great sorrow, push us into ‘blame’ (of others and ourselves).

These can send us spiralling into the depths of despair and having the strength to climb up again, seems impossible.

We British are a funny bunch. Whenever we’re asked how we are, we have a standard answer “I’m fine, thank you” even though we could be breaking up inside.

As well as the British, I think that life is strange too. There is an ‘unwritten’ rule that you don’t talk about certain subjects – well it used to be so when I was growing up.

You don’t talk about politics and religion – mention these two very sensitive matters and it could end with pistols at dawn! We don’t talk about our emotions!

Feelings are forbidden territory! We don’t talk about how we feel. We Brits keep a stiff upper lip, you know.

Although we often push of feelings down – we love to feel! If you watch one of the Soaps, through the story you can feel the violence of anger, the pain of betrayal and the explosive passion of either anger or intense love – all within 25 minutes, without having to leave the comfort of your chair! You can have the feelings, but without any of the inconvenience. That’s why Soaps are so popular.

However, when you live with a mish-mash of negative emotions on a minute by minute basis, that’s not fun at all and that is where the amazingly powerful Bach Flower Remedies come into their own.

These natural remedies are so easy to use and the most important thing of all, is they work! If they don’t work for you, then either you’ve chosen the wrong remedy for your feelings, or you haven’t taken it ‘properly’. 4 drops of Rescue Remedy on your tongue every now and again is not going to clear-up years of depression!

So what will help you? In January I am holding a Bach Flower Afternoon Workshop on Anxiety and Depression. Come along and find out which remedies and why will help you dissolve those feeling of Anxiety and Depression.

Bach Flower Afternoon Workshop on Anxiety and Depression with Rose Todd

The details are:
Saturday 28th January 2017. 2pm – 4.30pm
Natural Health Hertford.
Tickets £10. Booking essential.

Click Here for details of the Rose Todd Bach Flower Training and Workshop

Hope you see you there – Please drop me a line if you have any questions –  Tel: 0774 802 1887 or Email:

Rose Todd - Bach Flower



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