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How Laser Hair Removal Method Works

Laser Hair Removal Herts

Laser hair removal has over the years grown in popularity as one of the modern hair removal methods. The hair removal method is performed using different laser cosmetic methods such as the famous Aerolase system.

During the treatment, the baton is moved over the surface of the skin where is emits some current which is soaked up by the melanin colouring in the hair follicles. This energy in return destroys the hair roots aiding in the hair removal.


How does the skin colour affect the procedure?

Over the years, there have been some concerns surrounding the effectiveness of the laser hair removal method especially when it comes to different pigments in the skin. Practically, the laser energy released by the laser machine is absorbed by melanin (hair follicle pigment) and this is how the hair roots are destroyed thus removing the unwanted hair.

However, people with dark skin will find this method a little bit tricky since the laser light does not distinguish between their dark skin and darker hair which causes the skin pigment to absorb the current as well.

For this reason, dark-skinned patients will experience some level of pain as the energy is absorbed into the skin. However, this should not in any way cause any panic since the treatment is normally effective especially when performed by an experience professional.


How many sessions are required during the treatment?

To answer this question, it will be important to understand the process of hair growth and how this can affect the treatment. Your hair normally grows in cycles and the skin experiences new growth every day and each of these growth cycles will require laser inhibition before celebrating hair removal success.

In order to get the desired results, many patients normally require 4-6 sessions which should be spread out over a month or so. This will help ensure that the new follicles are eliminated therefore minimising the chances of hair growth.


Where can you get the best treatment?

Laser hair removal can be performed in a clinic or even at home with ease and safely. This is possible if you have a laser tool which normally cost between 200 and 400 dollars. It will however be advisable to have the procedure carried out by a professional as this could cost lesser and offer quality results.

There are many spas offering this type of hair removal but always make sure that the person doing it is licensed. The spa you opt for should also be clean and relaxed. However, always remember that the results obtained through this method are not permanent and the hair is likely to grow after a few months after the treatment.

People looking for permanent hair removal nowadays are opting for electrolysis which is a little bit expensive but more promising.

When looking for the best laser hair removal deals, you should be able to use the internet from where great offers are available. In fact, you will be amazed to discover that there are many discounts available on various products and services.

This is a  guest posts by Julie Roy. who is writing on behalf of Colaz Beauty Salon they offer affordable Laser Hair Removal at London and beauty treatment.

Thank you Julie!


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