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Good Health for Life, 10 Tips

10 Tips for Health Living

Modern life can be a lot of fun. We have a lot to do, many demands on our time and we don’t always think of our health unless something goes wrong.


There’s Something Missing

Having good health is not to be taken for granted and is good health enough? What about fulfilment and what about happiness? Do you get annoyed when some ‘happy bunny’ tells you to cheer up or worst of all use that phrase that tells you more about them ‘Cheer up it may never happen!’ To which the reply is ‘It just did, that’s why I look like this.’

Besides, having some dark in your life is a part of our existence, along with fifty or more shades of grey, several of pink and a purple patch or two.

So here are 10 tips on Good Health and Happiness. Don’t for a moment think you HAVE to tick a list, what’s the point of that, little more than saying ‘I’ve done the list!’ It’s more a lot of reminders, some of which will have resonance and some of which will not, plus one or two that will result in ‘Well that’s obvious.’


Plotting and Planning A Health Life

At Natural Health we see it all the time, our customers what to be healthy and happy and they often want it NOW. That’s normal, so peruse the vitamins, the supplements, minerals, green food and bodycare goodies and select what you need the most of and perhaps visit our therapists and bear these few tips in mind and o’ don’t forget the future…

Top 10 Tips for Health and Happiness

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Choose a fitness regime you like
  3. Sleep the right amount
  4. Be social
  5. Read the ingredients on all prepared food
  6. Try something new every month
  7. Drink one glass of water per day
  8. Get a healthy snack habit
  9. Be your own medicine
  10. Secure your future and your families

Well That’s Obvious isn’t it?

We all say that because we pay no attention to the simplicity of being healthy and happy. Eating breakfast, healthy snacks, a fitness regime and sleeping are not always easy to fulfil but with this foundation you will reduce your stress, along with keeping hydrated; all look after you body and energy.

Trying something new and being sociable will keep your emotions balanced. If you want some more tips on being happy visit The Happiness Project. Look for something you’re putting off like being a part of the local theatre or creative writing. A great place for writing courses is the Arvon Foundation


Be Your Own Medicine

This is about keeping a diary or log of what things make you happy. I’ve used one for years for my writing. I log everything that makes me creative, what works and what doesn’t. The simple feedback on yourself is vital and creates a positive cycle.


There are dozens of therapies; perhaps all you need is a little extra help to cope, or a beauty therapy to support your self-confidence. See a full list of Natural Health therapies


Secure Your Future for You and Your Family

This is about making sure you end is covered. It is a great source of ease once you have made your will. See the website for an overview and starting point. It may cost a £100 or more for a solicitor but you have peace of mind. What if the worst comes to the worst and you die prematurely, is your family taken care of and will they be financially secure? Do you have life insurance? All good insurance companies offer policies that are not prohibitive, Aviva are good, see Do have a look around for the best deals.

If you have any tips for a healthy or happy life, please share them in the comments below.

All the best,


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