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Our Vegan Range of Goodies!

A Very Quick Video Blog on Our Vegan Ranges

We have a big range of vegan products in store at Natural Health Welwyn and Hertford.

Here are Links to some of the vegan products mentioned available on our website –

Vegan Supplements Range

Vegan Skincare Range

Vegan Bodycare Range

Vegan Teeth and Mouthcare Range

Vegan Protein Powder – Chocolate

Vegan Hard Soaps Range

Vegan Perfume Range

Vegan Lemon Myrtle Range

The Food items are available in our shops.

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Crystals at Christmas

A Very Quick Video on Our Lovely Crystals

We have a big range of crystals in store at Natural Health Welwyn and Hertford.

Our Opening Hours For The Festive Period 2018

Sunday 23rd      —  11am 4pm (WGC Only)
Christmas Eve  — 9am till 4.30pm
Christmas Day  —  CLOSED
Boxing Day       —  CLOSED
Thursday 27th   — 9am – 5.30pm
Friday 28th        — 9am – 5.30pm
Sunday 30th     — 11am – 4pm (WGC Only)
New Years Eve  — 9am till 5.30pm
News Years Day — CLOSED

Wednesday 2nd and onwards…Back to normality…

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year from all at Natural Health!

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Water Structuring with Flaska

A Quick Video on Water Structuring with Flaska

Watch this video to discover how the TPS procedure changes the water’s vibrational structure.

We have a range of Flaska water bottles in store at Natural Health Welwyn and Hertford.

Flaska have created a reusable glass water bottle which will help you to care of your health as well as the environment.

It is made from glass and programmed using the TPS procedure. A bottle programmed this way changes the water’s vibrational structure.

Glass programming using the TPS procedure:

First, three symbols are engraved into the glass: the first one is the batch designation (e.g. ACK1), which allows for quality management and monitoring.

The second one is a (circular) cosmogram or a mandala, which provides protection of the vibration programme in the glass.

The third symbol, ORO, in a rectangular frame ensures a more efficient water structuring.

The “old” vibrations are then removed from the glass in order to increase the efficiency of the programme written into the glass.

In the third phase, the bottles are programmed with orgone cannons manufactured by the German manufacturer Bioaktiv.

The vibration programme contains various information from nature that are in harmony with the water structure and thus influence it.

This phase of the process is the longest and takes 90 minutes. The vibration programme is then stored into the silicon dioxide (SiO2) in the glass – the glass contains approximately 71% of SiO2.


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The Benefits of Allicin

A Quick Video on Allicin with Peter Josling

Watch this video to discover the health effects of allicin.

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What is AllicinMax

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Allicin and MRSA from This Morning

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