Aurelie Prevot

Aurelie-naturopathI am a Naturopath, Iridologist and Spinal Touch Practitioner. I approach each individual as a whole and I look for the psychological, emotional, environmental causes of disequilibrium in one’s life. I believe that by working in this way many conditions can be healed.

I use a large range of techniques for natural wellbeing such as: vital hygiene, naturopathic nutritional therapy , Spinal Touch therapy, trace elements, clay pack, Bach Flower therapy, herbal remedies, essential oils, crystals, exercising, meditation, yoga, hydrotherapy, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, ear candles, moxas/moxibustion, magnets, colour therapy, vitamins therapy, cleansing techniques, energy healing etc.

I will choose with you which techniques are the most appropriate for you.

I usually assess my clients’ health thoroughly through a first consultation in which I use iridology, morphopsychology, spinal analysis and other techniques according to your needs; these enable me to have a better understanding of your current health. We will then decide together how to help you to reach your optimal health.

I can also advise you on fertility, preconception matters, pregnancy and natural approach to children’s health (attachment parenting, natural pregnancy support, breastfeeding, home birth, natural birth, lotus birth, baby wearing, baby led weaning, vaccine free, etc).

Finally I am a true believer in body and mind inner intelligence to empower others to take active ownership of their life.

Tel: 07562 784988
Availability: Hertford

Treatment/Therapy: Naturopathy, Iridology, Spinal Touch, Raindrop Therapy


Naturopathy + Iridology 1st appointment 11/2 hours £65
Subsequent appointments £45
Iridology Analysis £40
Spinal Touch 1st  Appointment £55
Spinal Touch  Treatment £40
Raindrop Technique £60
Spinal Touch + Raindrop Combi £90


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