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Audiology Service

At Natural Health, we have an Audiology service that is run by Jason Levy RHAD HPD CTP MNCH (Reg.)

Services on offer include:

  • Private Hearing Assessment and Advice
  • Private Hearing Aid Fitting, including the latest rechargeable, iPhone compatible, and invisible models
  • Private Ear Wax Removal, using microsuction or dry instruments
  • Tinnitus Treatment

Audiology-Services-HertfordshireJason has been an Audiologist for 15 years and has worked in both the NHS and the private hearing industry. He has trained under a Consultant ENT surgeon to use the latest endoscopic ear wax removal techniques.

This microsuction ear wax removal clinic is the highest rated in Hertfordshire with 5 star Google and Facebook ratings. and Jason has thousands of satisfied patients.

You can feel confident that you will receive the best treatment, so before you book a microsuction appointment, please take a moment to read some testimonials from our satisfied patients at the review page.

Many GP surgeries have withdrawn their ear syringing (or “irrigation”) service due to concerns about the safety of ear irrigation. Although irrigation is slightly safer than the old-fashioned ear syringe, it still has a relatively high risk of pain, outer ear infection, ear drum perforation, dizziness or tinnitus. Patients are now given the advice to keep putting olive oil in their ears, but if the ear wax won’t budge, they are left with a months long wait to be seen by the ENT clinic at their local hospital.

Fortunately, the same method that is used in ENT clinics is now available privately at Ealing Dental & Medical Clinic through our partners The Miscrosuction Ear Wax Removal Network, so there’s no need to wait months to get rid of your ear wax!

We also offer the latest rechargeable hearing aids. and invisible hearing aids at surprisingly low prices, and can offer finance over 12 months through our partners Greendent Ltd.

If you or someone you care about suffers from tinnitus, we also offer a tinnitus treatment service, bringing the latest treatments from our London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic to your local clinic in Welwyn Garden City.

A tinnitus assessment is £175, and treatments start from £695. Finance is also available through Greendent Ltd.

We believe in the motto “Hear Better, Live Better!” and our aim is to bring you total hearing care. We currently offer a £5 discount for self-booked appointments made online.

So, click here to book your appointment, or you can call our booking centre on 0800 1 337 987.

Welwyn Garden City:

Jason Levy RHAD HPD CTP MNCH (Reg.)
Senior Audiologist & Certified Tinnitus Practitioner

Telephone: 020 33 97 97 87
London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic /
London Hearing Aids / The Microsuction Earwax Removal Network:
Within Natural Health, 36 Wigmores North, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6PH


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The London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic, London Hearing Aids and The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network are divisions of First Health Ltd. Registered office: 29 Harley Street, London W1G 9QR

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