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Nutrition Makeovers with Alison Sheldrick of Nutritional Health Solutions

Alison-SheldrickHi. My name is Alison Sheldrick and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in weight loss.

I work with women who want to lose weight so they can look good, feel fantastic and really get what they want out of life.  Getting what they want means different things for different women.  It may be just a few pounds or several stone. Whatever the issue, losing that weight and learning how to keep it off makes a huge difference to their lives.
As well as losing weight, the women I work with also want to find a programme that works for them long term, that fits with their family life and that helps them understand more about nutrition and health.

They want to forget about calories, points and the ‘you name it I’ve done it’ diet and learn the basic principles of nutrition so they can provide easy to prepare healthy meals for themselves and the whole family.

I won’t make you do a ‘diet’ that you can’t fit into your lifestyle or make you count points or calories, make you spend hours in the gym or make you feel bad if you haven’t lost weight this week.  The whole process is based on the science of weight loss and not on a ‘one size fits all’ basis.

However, being overweight commonly co-exists with digestive and/or hormonal problems and so I have created a special formula to help get you started losing weight and looking and feeling better, and so that you can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

As a result of following my formula, not only do women lose weight, they may also experience increased energy, increased confidence, improved digestion, reduced hormonal symptoms, start to wear skirts and dresses again and find they can wear clothes that used to be too tight so were left at the back of the wardrobe.They get control of their eating and their health and stop wasting time and money on programmes that don’t work and, instead, receive all the help and information they need to be successful improving their health at last!

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Success stories

Lisa – “I lost 22 pounds in six weeks”

Lisa“I probably had every excuse up my sleeve not to change my eating habits (working & commuting, recovering from injury, being surrounded by food at work and cricket teas, being “addicted” to crisps, not having much time to cook, I can’t exercise much, I got hungry mid morning, having to feed a family too etc.) I’m sure you’ve heard them all.

When I put down a target weight loss of 3 stones I was thinking that this was some unachievable pipe dream, but now I’m actually halfway there already (in my first weigh in on that day I was 80.2kg, I’m now 69.9kg or 10kg/22lbs lighter) and although I know I’ve got a way to go & won’t lose weight as quickly from now on it certainly is well within my grasp. Amazing!

I have also noticed I sleep better, have softer skin and brighter eyes, my mood has improved and as an extra bonus, I am saving £20 a week on my shopping bill!”

Lisa Cave, Hertford


Claire – “I lost one and three quarter stone in three months”

Claire Freman“I had never been overweight before, and I was struggling to get the will to lose weight and stay away from cakes/biscuits. My main visible problem was bloating and a lot of gas out of control! I had tried before to exclude some foods from my diet and gave up as doctor’s would not recommend anything and mainstream books on the subject were confusing so it was difficult to know how far to go on excluding some foods.

I have no regrets about investing in myself and starting this Plan. I really enjoyed learning the science of nutrition and being able to discuss “public information” on nutrition with a nutritionist is very valuable and helped me to have some direction. Overall it has been easier than I thought and the fact that I had a “normal meal” for breakfast made the transition much easier. I was amazed by the cravings control that the program brings.

Overall my health has improved and I am nearly a “normal” weight now after losing 1 and 3/4 stone in three months. I have better health (gas free, better skin, still off my antidepressants), more energy, I am slimmer and employing better eating principles and drinking more water. I now have much better control of my health and eating.”

Claire Fremann, Royston

Alison Sheldrick BSc (Hons), MSc, FdSc Dip I.O.N., mBANT, NTCC, CNHC

Tel: 07790 745769
Availability: Hertford

Start at £95 for an initial meeting including health assessment, dietary analysis, comprehensive notes and subsequent telephone support to help you integrate your Plan into your busy life. However, many conditions and weight loss, in particular, take time and more than one appointment. Please get in touch to find out more. Food intolerance testing starts at £95.

Treatment/Therapy: Digestive and Hormonal Problems, Weight Management, Nutrition Therapy

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